Event Information

Our usual location is Lake Tech:

Lake County Technical Center Map

Map & Directions


Site Rules:

  1. No driving or parking in the grass.
  2. Do not enter the gun range area under any circumstances.
  3. Keep off the skid pad.
  4. Leave the site cleaner than how you found it!

Event Procedure:

  1. EVERYONE must sign the waiver prior to entry, whether you are competing or not.
  2. Park your car in the designated areas only.
  3. Proceed to registration to sign up and pay.  If you pre-registered you still need to check in.
  4. Once you are registered, prepare your car for competition including numbers and class identification.  You may then proceed to the tech inspection area.
  5. You are ready to race!  Walk the course if it's open to walking, or help set up if the hosts need a hand finishing up.
  6. There will be a mandatory driver's meeting before competition starts.
  7. When your class is called, proceed to the staging area and wait for your turn to run.  Good luck and have fun!!

Novice Tips: Novice_Autocross.pdf

Race Schedule

Our typical event schedule is as follows:

7:00am - Gates open
8:00am - On-site registration opens
8:30am - On-site registration closes ($10 late fee after this time)
9:00am - Tech inspection closes
9:15am - Novice walk-through (mandatory for all novices, optional for experienced autocross drivers)
9:45am - Drivers' meeting
10:00am - First car out

Again, this is the typical schedule, and you should refer to the Events Forum for actual event timing.  These schedules do vary from time to time, especially when held at different venues.